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About Us

A group of highly educated professionals in science and engineering, including Chemical and Environmental Engineers, founded QS Advanced Materials Inc. Each has worked professionally in both industrial and laboratory settings.

The company was founded with the goal of providing supplies and assistance to the scientific community. We are aware that the resources we offer can teach you a great deal more. Modern efficiency in communication, vehicles, infrastructure, aviation, defense, and space exploration, to mention a few, are made possible by these discoveries and result in a higher standard of living and a more sustainable society.


 Concentrating on delivering advance material industrial for years, QSAM has established a series close cooperation with reputable research agency, reliable manufacturers and third party laboratories, to supplement and perfect our existing QC equipment and process. Accessible analytical process including but not limited to ICP-OES, GDMS, XRD and all regular tests for physical performance


  The experienced know-how people will be able to provide solutions based on requirement, not only products requested. Our knowledgeable technical support team are capable to provide the customers with not only product properties, but also suggestions and information on how the materials works.

As a provider of cutting-edge inorganic materials, QSAM offers specialized and specially made materials to research and development organizations and advanced industries. Products include advanced ceramics, high purity materials, minor refractory metals, and deposition materials (sputtering targets and evaporation materials), among others. Take a look at our product pages by using the pull-down menu at the top or the element table that includes links to the product pages. If you are unable to locate the product you require, send an email to Sales@QSadvancedmaterials.com with your questions. We guarantee a prompt response to your requests for product information or suggestions for solutions within 1-2 days.