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Hot pressed boron nitride rods

Boron nitride ceramic is a flexible material. It has chemical and heat stability. Also, it machines easily. In addition, it transfers heat well, insulates electricity perfectly, and resists chemical corrosion. As a result, many industries use it like metallurgy, electronics, aerospace, and high-temperature places.  Furthermore, industries often put it in coatings, crucibles, and electrical insulators. QSAM’s BN99 regular pure boron nitride is popular for tough uses that need chemical resistance, electrical insulation, and good heat control because of its great qualities. In conclusion, boron nitride ceramic has stability, machinability, conductivity, insulation, and corrosion resistance that make it useful in many applications. Our clinents buy these BN99 boron nitride rods to machine parts with their own design.

hot pressed boron nitride crucibles and blank material
hot pressed boron nitride material

BN99 Specifications

Product BN99 boron nitride
Appearance White
Boron Nitride Content >99%
Crystalline hexagonal
Mechanical Properties // T
Bending Strength MPa 35 28
Compressive Strength MPa 85 72
Young Modulus GPa 21 70
Density 2.0 g/cm3
Porosity 6.8%
Hardness ~Knoop 11 kg/mm2
Thermal Conductivity 40W/mK
Thermal Expansion RT 1.4 10-6/K 0.7 10-6/K
Thermal Expansion 1000~1600K 0.9 10-6/K 0.6 10-6/K
Thermal Expansion 1600~1900K 0.7 10-6/K 0.7 10-6/K
Dielectric Constant 4.0
Dielectric Strength 79KV/mm
Electrical Resistance RT >1014ohm cm
Chemical Composition Na2O 0.08%

Al2O3 0.04%

SiO2   0.03%

CaO   0.48%

BN     99.3%


About other boron nitride grades

Hexagonal hot-pressed boron nitride (h-BN) is a machinable ceramic material. It has a hardness of about 4. Initially, other manufacturers used HBN/HBR/HBT/BIN77 as product codes. These represent boric oxide, calcium-enhanced boron nitride materials, high purity boron nitride, and aluminum nitride enhanced boron nitride, respectively. However, QSAM sells boron nitride rods that perform similarly to these grades. For example, our regular pure boron nitride material, BN99, has a purity exceeding 99%. Also, it contains about 0.3% CaO as a binder. Therefore, it can replace HBN or HBR. In summary, QSAM’s BN99 matches the performance of other boron nitride rod materials.

While the most common composite boron nitride material is calcium (or zirconium) enhanced HBR (or ZSBN), we also manufacture high purity grade TPBN (equivalent to HBT) and various other composite boron nitrides, including AlN-BN (equivalent to BIN77) and SiC-BN.


0.5 inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch


6 inch, 12 inch

2 reviews for Hot Pressed Boron Nitride Rod (BN99)

  1. Jason Wood

    Originally using Momentive’s BN, but it is not easy to find resource now. QSAM’s product is as good as the HBN, and even better!

  2. Professor K

    I never expect to purchase such a tecnical material this easy. Although I trust these guys will send the right stuff in time, I think it would be still better to send them an inquiry via Email to confirm everything.

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