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Basic specifications of PBN crucible 10-22

Outer/Lip Diameter: 22mm

Crucible Wall Thickness: 0.8mm

Reference Price: $450.00  (Shipping Included)

Typical Lead Time:4 weeks

PBN Crucibles from QSAM

The PBN crucible offers significant advantages in high-temperature applications due to its exceptional thermal stability, chemical inertness, and excellent heat transfer properties. Pyrolytic boron nitride is an advanced material created by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) porcess. PBN material is formed by vapors on the surface of graphite mold. As a result, PBN crucible is a highly customized product. With years of experience in this field, QSAM is routinely supplying a wide range of 99.99% high purity PBN crucibles to meet customer demand. Including but not limited to this PBN 10-22, we can provide a series of standard crucibles with stocked setups.

PBN Crucibles

About PBN Materials

Pyrolytic boron nitride (PBN) crucibles represent an optimal solution for high-temperature applications, offering remarkable thermal stability, chemical inertness, and excellent heat transfer properties. PBN, also known as chemical vapor deposition (CVD) boron nitride, is synthesized through the CVD process, wherein boron nitride crystals grow parallel to the surface during deposition. A limitation of CVD is the inability to produce thick-walled PBN products exceeding 3mm thickness. Nevertheless, for applications requiring ultra-high purity boron nitride, PBN remains the material of choice.

The exceptional purity of PBN arises from the purity of precursor gases used in CVD (BCl3 + NH3 -> BN + HCl), which is substantially higher than that of regular boron nitride powder. This allows PBN to achieve purity levels up to 99.99% or more, while standard boron nitride powder may only reach 98-99% purity. Such ultra-high purity certifies that PBN satisfies the stringent requirements of industries demanding the utmost levels of material perfection. This enables precise performance and reliable, consistent results in various high-temperature applications from semiconductor crystal growth to aerospace components.

With its synthesis flexibility, extreme purity, and robust physical properties, PBN crucibles provide an enabling technology for advancing high-temperature research and manufacturing processes. Their specialized capabilities allow scientists and engineers to push boundaries in fields ranging from electronics to metallurgy.




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