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Erbium (Er) Introduction

Erbium is a rare earth metal with atomic number 68 that displays remarkable properties making it highly valuable for various applications. With a melting point of approximately 1522°C and a density of 9.066 grams per cubic centimeter, Erbium exhibits a sturdy and robust nature.

One of its standout characteristics is its optical properties, particularly its ability to emit and absorb light in the near-infrared spectrum. This attribute is critical for optical amplification, where Erbium-doped materials effectively strengthen optical signals, enabling long-distance data transmission.

Additionally, Erbium possesses strong magnetic properties, with a high magnetic moment. These attributes contribute to its use in magneto-optical recording, where the combination of magnetic and optical effects permits precise data storage and retrieval.

Erbium’s optical and magnetic qualities also make it suitable for laser applications. Its energy levels and transitions facilitate the generation of coherent light at specific wavelengths, finding use in medical and industrial laser systems.

Moreover, Erbium’s fluorescence properties are leveraged in sensing and imaging technologies. Its unique fluorescence abilities enable the development of highly sensitive fluorescence-based sensors for applications in biomedicine and environmental monitoring.

About Our Erbium Sputtering Target

QS Advanced Materials Inc supplies custom research and development materials. For example, we make rare earth metal sputtering targets like erbium. Our erbium targets commonly have 99.9% purity. But we also offer high purity 99.99% options. Additionally, our flexible equipment can manufacture flat disc sputter targets in various sizes. So we fulfill custom orders starting at a few hundred dollars. We support US national labs, universities, and research facilities worldwide. Our products include sputter target materials and other customized products. In short, QS Advanced Materials provides quality custom materials for research and development.

Erbium sputter target
Erbium sputter targets

Sputtering Erbium

Erbium is a rare earth metal having unique optical and magnetic properties. As a result, engineers use sputtering technology to deposit thin films of Erbium. This physical vapor deposition technique uses high-energy ions to strike a solid Erbium target. Therefore, the impact ejects Erbium atoms that land on a substrate. Consequently, the resulting thin films find many uses. For example, they act as optical amplifiers in fiber optic communication systems. In particular, the Erbium-doped films amplify optical signals, thereby enabling long-distance data transmission.

Additionally, Erbium films are parts of lasers, waveguides, and other photonic devices. The characteristic energy levels and transitions of Erbium ions make this possible. Furthermore, erbium films enable magneto-optical recording, fluorescence-based sensors, and energy harvesting. In summary, sputtering technology precisely controls Erbium film creation. This integration of Erbium’s properties advances telecommunications, photonics, data storage, sensing, imaging and energy harvesting.


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